Aquila Heights joins the Dorset Food & Drink Community

Friday 17 August 2018

Breakfast Room

When we first took over at Aquila Heights, we immediately started searching for locally sourced food to improve our breakfast menu, only to be told by a local retailer that “Dorset doesn’t really do food”….!! Over the last two years, we’ve learned just how wrong that advice was! Dorset not only “does food”, but the it does it really, really well.

We’ve since found an enormous range of growers and producers who make wonderfully tasting food, ethically and honestly. The rich farmland on the rolling hills of Dorset is obviously a great place to produce high quality meat and vegetables, but there’s also a huge range of cottage industries (some quite literally based in cottages!) producing almost everything you could want for your table from a vast range of ingredients sourced from Dorset and also from around the world.

We are continuing to improve the local content of our breakfast, adding additional goodies as and when we find something locally made to the right quality and affordability. It’s already possible to have a breakfast at Aquila Heights where every ingredient has been grown or produced in Dorset, but we’re still constantly looking out for more gorgeous food which catches our eye. Find out more about our breakfast here.

It certainly made sense for us to join the Dorset Food & Drink organisation, a not-for-profit group which supports and promotes local food suppliers across the county. A quick look through the current directory reveals producers of meat, vegetables, dairy, wine, tea, coffee, gin and virtually anything else you can eat or drink – and all of it grown, reared or produced in this wonderful county.

So if you want a break from the watery fruit & veg, ever-shrinking pack sizes, price rises disguised as special offers and the over-packaging of the supermarkets, it certainly makes sense to click here to find out more about Dorset Food & Drink if you are coming down to Dorset.

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A 10 Star B&B
This guest house is amazing, Perfect is every way. Friendly and helpful owners. The breakfast choice is unbelievable something for everyone whatever their tastes. In walking distance of the town, buses and railway stations. Very near a good choice of eateries for the evening meals. An excellent base for exploring Dorset after a good nights sleep.

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