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Monday 19 November 2018

Breakfast Room

Over the last couple of weeks, two guests have described the Aquila Heights breakfasts as “exceptional” and “amazing” in reviews on TripAdvisor. As a B&B we only really do two things for our guests – bed and breakfast – and so we are keen to do both as well as we possibly can. We’re obviously very happy to receive feedback like this.

We do obviously put a lot of energy, care and attention into our breakfasts, but we believe one of the main reasons that we receive such complimentary feedback is because of the local Dorset products that we use. We are extremely keen to use and promote Dorset produce for several reasons.

Most importantly, Dorset food looks and tastes wonderful. The wonderful landscape is a great place to grow food and rear livestock. Together with the individual love and attention that you can only get from small producers, this ensures that the end product is simply gorgeous. Our guests love our eggs (from Wyke Oliver Farm in Preston near Weymouth) so much that sometimes they take some home with them. Our dry cured bacon and handmade sausages are cared for by our local butcher (Dorset’s Kiwi Butcher) literally just around the corner from us, who lovingly prepares meat bought from local Dorset farmers. Even some of our “larger” suppliers are really very small in their field. Moore’s Biscuits and Cherry Tree preserves are biggish names in Dorset, but tiny operations by modern factory food standards.  

Not only does the local food taste heavenly, but it’s also a great way to support our local community. With online and supermarket retailers getting ever stronger, life is not always easy for the folk who work diligently to produce wonderful local food using traditional and usually environmentally-friendly methods, and price and sell it honestly and with integrity. We love that we can help to support and promote them in this way, and it’s also great to personally know some of the people who produce the food on our breakfast tables.

With the food supply chain becoming ever more global, the environmental impact of transporting food not just across the country, but across the world, is becoming more of a concern for many people, including our guests. We are always disappointed when we see mushrooms from Poland in a local supermarket, when you can source some lovely mushrooms right here in Dorset. Of course value-for-money is important, but only the supermarket is winning here. Those imported mushrooms are not sold any cheaper, but presumably the retail giant makes a few extra pence on each punnet.

We use local food whenever we can, both for our guests’ breakfasts and for our own personal needs. We are delighted to have recently joined the Dorset Food & Drink organisation so that we can get more involved in the use and promotion of such lovely products. If you’re coming down to Dorset for a break, have a look at their website before you visit, and if you are already here, the next chance to sample local food on a large scale is the Christmas Food Market at Athelhampton House this weekend (24/25 November). More details here.

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Visited Dorchester last weekend for a Christening and booked in to Aquila Heights without looking at reviews just on webpage description. The welcome, service, room and food were simply the best we have experienced. Thankyou Derek and Wendy - wonderful hosts. 

Steviebarley - via TripAdvisor
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